1. Joseph Abranyi (21.06.2011 в 5:54 дп)

    Hey Man!
    Your work is probably the most striking one that I’ve seen in a long time. Unbelievable…that’s what you are! Keep up the good work and I just hope that one day you will add something onto my growing collection of masterpieces.

    Joseph from Hungary

  2. Klaus Lurz (26.11.2011 в 1:14 дп)

    Hi Den!
    Your work is fu…in’ great and for me, your tattoos are the best stuff, I’ve seen ever before. I was apprentice at Andy Engel’s Tattoo Studio in Germany and there I met Bob Tyrell, Carlos Royas, Steve Soto and some other really great tattoo artists, but man — you kick ass!I did not see any work of these guys that reaches the level of your work.
    I feel a little shame, that I didn’t notice your works until I saw that lying soldier with the machine gun in the German Tätowier Magazin.

    Do you tattoo at German Tattoo Conventions or at Conventions in countries around Germany?

    Now you have a new admirer and I hope I will meet you some day and maybe I can get a cool tattoo of you.

    Best regards

  3. dan (07.02.2012 в 5:23 дп)

    hey den, you are one of the greatest artist i´f ever seen!!!! cheers, dan 😉

  4. Luana (07.02.2012 в 5:29 дп)

    I’m from Brazil.
    Your work is fuckin’ amazing!

  5. Michael (27.02.2013 в 7:47 пп)

    Amazing ink work; it’s really sad to see so much of it wasted on Nazi bullshit.

  6. Erwin (25.03.2013 в 10:05 пп)

    Hey Den

    Your work is the best that I have not seen for a long time.
    I wish you even more great work.
    with best greetings … by Erwin from Austria

  7. Daryl Saunders (21.05.2013 в 4:30 дп)

    Hi Den,

    Your work is amazing, and exactly what I am looking for. I want to have some work done by you and am willing to travel from Canada to get it.

    PLEASE contact me. (is a double underscore)
    or text at: 780-261-0261

    I REALLY hope to hear from you soon,

  8. Jo (08.06.2013 в 11:10 дп)

    Love your artwork, so realistic. Especially the picture of gregory colbert. But what’s up with the nazi tattoo’s? Don’t understand why such an amazing talented tattoo artist would want to create that kind of work.

  9. Tammy (30.06.2013 в 5:09 дп)

    I am in Charleston, SC of USA and I am blown away by your work. Do you ever visit the
    US? If so, I would like to have some work done by you.
    Thank you and God Bless,

  10. Csepi (14.08.2013 в 10:51 пп)

    Hy Den.
    I just wanna tell you how much i respect you and your works. Im a beginner tattooist and i think your work is amazing. I got an old Timemachine too and i love it, the best tattoo machine of the world. It was fascinating to watch how you work on the 3rd Budapest Tattoo Convention. Respect and greetings from Hungary!

  11. simon (19.09.2013 в 6:50 пп)

    hi Den

    i’m interested to have a tattoo by you and I already sent a request, how many days usually it takes to get a confirmation or to send all the info requested?


  12. Lucas (28.12.2013 в 3:00 пп)

    Found your homepage via tumblr and all i’ve got to say, those details, colors and shades are just rad…keep the awesome work up!!

  13. Lucas (28.12.2013 в 3:01 пп)

    but yeah…what’s up with those swastikas and SS Soldiers?!?!

  14. Tommaso (24.04.2015 в 12:20 пп)

    No ever seen an awesome work tatoo so beautiful like yours…
    I’ll got, perhaps.
    Far from my house….but not impossible. Really not.